Chamber president Patrick Dewael.

Special parliamentary commission to investigate corona approach

The federal Chamber of Representatives has voted in favour of a special commission that will investigate how the Covid-19 epidemic was handled, and whether mistakes were made. 

Most traditional parties on both sides of the language divide voted in favour. The commission will consist of 17 members. Four experts will make a preliminary report this summer to set the framework for the commission's tasks.

The commission will examine a large number of things:

  • how was the pandemic prepared and handled?
  • which information was at the government's disposal after the early outbreak in China? 
  • how were the strategic stocks of materials and medicines used? 
  • the coordination of the various measures
  • the support of hospitals 
  • the lockdown measures 
  • the role of the National Crisis Centre
  • the non-medical aspects of the crisis
  • recommendations for the future

Earlier, a similar commission has been installed in the Flemish Parliament. This will focus on the Flemish approach of the health crisis, e.g. in the nursing homes, a Flemish responsibility. 

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