75 detained after protest in Brussels

75 members of the environmentalist protest group Extinction Rebellion were detained on Saturday after 250 members of the radical group took a protest action at various locations in Brussels. The activists were surrounded by police after they tried to enter the Wetstraat, the street that is home to the Federal Parliament, Prime Minister’s office and a number other ministerial offices. The street is part of the so-called “neutral zone” in which all demonstrations are banned. 

Extinction Rebellion held the protests as it claims that policies are to a far too great an extent led by the needs of the economy rather than by the needs of ecology.

Earlier this week activists had removed the word “finance” from the Finance Tower that is home to the Finance Department. On Saturday they had hoped to put the letter that spell the word ‘Resilience' onto the wall outside the tower. However, they were prevented from doing so by the police.

As the protesters tried to make their way to the Wetstraat they were surrounded by riot police on the Pachecolaan.  They were given the choice of identifying themselves and leaving behind any protest-related material they might have had on them or being arrested. 75 people chose the second option. 

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