Leading Francophone socialist Rudy Demotte believes that new elections are the only option

The leading Francophone socialist politician Rudy Demotte says that he believes that there is no way out of the political impasse that is blocking progress towards the formation of a new Federal Government. Speaking in an interview with the Sunday free-sheet ‘De Zondag’, Mr Demotte said that “apart from new elections” he saw no way out. He also expressed doubts about the chances of success of any attempts to form a federal coalition without the Francophone socialists.     

Mr Demotte told ‘De Zondag’ that "I can’t see any signs in that direction, but if it were to succeed we would take on our role in the opposition. That would mean the Flemish socialists taking a different path from the Francophone socialists and I don’t believe they will.

Paul Magnette (leader Francophone socialists) and Conner Rousseau (leader Flemish socialists) share the same vision of society. Moreover, such a government would hardly have any Francophones, only the Francophone liberals and maybe the Christian democrats.

But I don’t hear much from them. That would be some Francophone minority”. "A minority government was the solution and is what we put on the table, but those the liberals said no. The Flemish Christian democrats won’t enter a coalition without the Flemish national. I don’t see any way out”, Mr Demotte added.

Speaking about the Federal Health Minister Maggie De Block’s (Flemish liberal) decision not to replace the strategic stock of mouth masks that had gone past its expiry date, Mr Demotte (himself a former Federal Health Minister) said. “I would have chosen a different path”.

"If you destroy the stock it needs to be replaced. But I won’t say that it is a fatal mistake. I am not going to say that Ms De Block is the only guilty party because that wouldn’t be a fair analysis”.

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