Natuurpunt Alwin Loeckx

Fox brutally killed at Flemish Brabant beauty spot

A woman that was walking with her children at a local beauty spot found a fox that had been brutally killed by poachers hanging from a tree. The woman made the gruesome discovery at the Kesterheide nature reserve in Gooik, a village in the Pajottenland area of Flemish Brabant. 

The fox was found hanging from the tree near to the IJzeren Man (Iron Man). The woman called the police immediately to report what she had found.

Serge Roelens of the Pajottenland Local Police Service told VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant that “The animal was tied to the branch of a tree with an iron noose. We have received no other reports of foxes being killed by poachers in the area, we hope that this is a one off”.

Kesterheide is been a nature reserve for many years and it is managed by the not-for-profit group Natuurpunt.

Natuurpunt’s Alwin Loeckx told VRT “We presume that the fox was killed somewhere else and was put next to the path in order to shock people”.    

“During the past few years we have occasionally had issues with vandalism in our nature reserve, but never anything this aggressive. All information is welcome, because it won’t be easy to find the culprit”.

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