CNN: "This isn't an apology"

The letter voicing deepest regrets for Belgian atrocities in Congo during the colonial era written by Filip, King of Belgians, has made BBC News and America’s CNN.  King Filip features prominently on many other international news outlets too.

“There is a renewed focus on Belgium’s history following the death of George Floyd in police custody in the US and the Black Lives Matter protests that followed” BBC writes. The UK broadcaster quotes as an example the protests and controversy surrounding statues of King Filip’s forebear, Leopold II.

CNN too highlights King Filip’s letter, but is keen to stress that the King of Belgians isn’t offering any direct apology for the acts of his ancestor, Leopold II.  The item even merited an alert notification on CNN.

Germany’s Der Spiegel notes it’s the first time that King Filip publicly voices regrets for what it calls the “terror regime” of Leopold II.  Dutch broadcaster NOS as well as other Dutch media outlets report the news, but the letter isn’t a big story in the French media, though FranceInfo and Le Monde mention the king’s letter and comment on its historical importance.

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