Women more open than men when asked to say who they have been in contact with

The biweekly survey on attitudes related to the ongoing coronavirus crisis has found that women are far more open than men when it comes to giving the names of the people they have had personal contact with to contact tracers. Researchers from the universities of Antwerp, Hasselt, Leuven and Brussels Francophone Free University ULB. Just under half of female respondents said that they could name all the people they had had face to face personal contact with.

This was just 35% in the case of men. The results also show that not everyone is as enthusiastic to cooperate if they are contacted by a contact tracer.

Furthermore, there appears to be a link between wealth and people’s will to cooperate. Professor Thomas Neyens (UHasselt/KU Leuven) told journalists that “More than 30% of those that say that they have financial difficulties say that they would give contact details for a colleague.

Around a quarter say that they wouldn’t give contact details for friends, family members or their own partner. With people that are financially better off the percentages are all way under 10%”. Meanwhile, the researchers have noted an improvement in Belgian’s mental well-being during the past few weeks. Here men score a little better than women.

The Big Corona Study was started by Antwerp University in collaboration with the University of Hasselt, the Catholic University of Leuven and Brussels Francophone Free University ULB. If you wish to take part in today’s (30 June) survey you can until 10pm by clicking on this link. 

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