Geoffroy LIBERT 2018

What’s new on 1 July?

Numerous are the changes that take effect on 1 July.  In coming days we will be looking at the changes in greater detail, but here are already a few to look out for!

Brussels suspended fines on vehicles flouting the region’s low emission zone during the corona crisis. The region now intends to levy the fines once again.  If you’ve been fined, you have three months to set your house and vehicle in order before a new fine can again be imposed.  The handicapped are exempt from the fines. For more information on the Low Emission Zone click here.

1 July is also the date on which employers are obliged to offer a cycling bonus to over 400,000 white collar workers.  Last year unions and employers representing 55,000 businesses agreed the measure.  Employees who regularly cycle to work will receive 0.10 eurocents per kilometre and up to 4 euros a day.  The bonus cannot be combined with other home-to-work travel bonuses except for grants to pay for public transport.  The exact modalities of the scheme are agreed in individual businesses.

More good news for cyclists: until 31 December 2020 rail passengers won’t have to pay extra to take their bike along on the train.  Passengers require a special ticket including a bicycle supplement, but until the end of the year the supplement won’t be charged.  The measure is an initiative of the ten parties supporting Ms Wilmès corona government.

Starting today groups will once again be able to travel using group tickets.  During the corona crisis restrictions on group travel were imposed.  

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