“‘Cowboy Steak’ is dangerous and should be banned!”

‘Cowboy Steak’ is baked straight in the flame. Usually everybody bakes their own and this is done using an open fire at a table. At the minute it is all the vogue as people let down their hair and are eager to bake their own in company after the country came out of lockdown.

As the name suggests this type of cooking was pioneered by the cowboys of the Wild West.  The steak is baked on a skewer right in the flame and everybody can prepare their own.  Fire paste is employed and together with fat used on the meat can form a dangerous combination.

In recent days quite a number of people have got badly burned as a result of this type of food preparation.  Peter Van Rossum of Oscare, the burns treatment and research centre in Merksem (Antwerp), says: “We can’t ban ‘Cowboy Steak’, but we can warn of the dangers”.

Peter also warns against an open fire on a table: “Have a few beers and there can be serious consequences! They should really ban ‘Cowboy Steak’!”

A proper barbecue with one designated cook is safer and there’s a far smaller chance that more than one person will get burned.

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