“You’re an egoist, if you don’t wear a face covering at the supermarket”

Face coverings are ‘strongly recommended’ in shops, but attempts by the Mayor of Deinze to make face coverings obligatory in supermarkets in his town have been stopped by the federal and provincial authorities.  In Geraardsbergen, another East Flemish town, a different approach is being taken.  There the city authorities are posting a cartoon in supermarkets encouraging shoppers to don a face covering out of respect for shop workers.

The cartoon shows a cashier requesting greater respect from a shopper without a covering.  Mayor Guido De Padt cannot make the wearing of face coverings obligatory, but hopes to encourage their use in this way.  “I can’t wait until they see the light in Brussels” he told VRT.

The cartoon that shows a handful of shoppers with a covering and only one without has a clear message.

“Stories I hear allow me to confirm it really is necessary” says the Geraardsbergen Mayor.  “I have to do something and can’t wait until they see the light in Brussels.”

“I hope it makes a difference.  The cartoon really points the finger.  I wish to confront people.  If you don’t wear a covering, you are individualistic and egotistical”.

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