Belgium delays non-essential travel from “safe” countries

Visitors from China and 14 other countries designated as “safe” by the European Union will have to wait at least until 7 July before they are able to travel to Belgium.  Belgium and other EU countries agreed on the list of safe countries yesterday.  The list was supposed to take effect immediately, but that hasn’t happened here.

The EU recommended that visitors from the People’s Republic of China, Australia, Japan, Canada, Algeria, Georgia, New Zealand, Morocco, Montenegro, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay should all be granted admittance to EU nations for non-essential travel, but Belgian officials are first looking into the matter and are examining how Belgian borders can be opened “carefully” to visitors from these countries. Officials from various departments are on the case. It’s a two-way street too.  The Belgian officials are also examining how Belgians can travel to some of these countries safely and without spreading coronavirus.

Following the EU recommendations Belgium is adding four categories to the people deemed to be making essential travel: seafarers, people attending meetings of international organisations, students and highly qualified staff who can’t work from a distance are all being allowed in.  The recommendations also allow residents from other countries residing abroad in Belgium or elsewhere in the EU legally to travel across the EU.

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