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Hairs of John Paul II inaugurated as a relic at Dadizele Basilica

Hairs belonging to the saintly Pope John Paul II have officially been inaugurated as a relic at the Basilica of Dadizele in West Flanders.  The pontiff was canonised in 2014 following his death.

The relic only consists of a couple of hairs that once belonged to the globetrotting leader of the world’s Roman Catholics.  The basilica unexpectedly received the hairs as a gift last year.

Dadizele priest Wim Vangheluwe believes it was important to give the relic a fitting place in the basilica and collected funds to have a new altar built that could do justice to the church’s new acquisition. A little later than initially planned the relic has now been inaugurated in the presence of over 200 devout Roman Catholics.  

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