Partying students at College of Europe escape fine

Over 150 students at the prestigious College of Europe in Bruges, who took part in rowdy parties in violation of corona restrictions last week, are not going to be fined. Our future European civil servants get off with an admonishment.

Last week Monday, despite restrictions to stem the spread of coronavirus in Belgium, students at the College of Europe celebrated the end of the academic years in various student halls of residence. Over 100 students were present at a celebration in one hall of residence.  Police attended the scene.  Students, who mainly hail from abroad, hurled abuse at the law enforcers, showed scant respect for Belgian police and acted in a particularly arrogant fashion.

As is the policy in the city the police didn’t draw up a report about the incident and preferred to bring the students to book in the presence of the college’s rector. The students later issued an apology to the local mayor. No further police action is planned. Most of the students are foreigners and have already returned to their countries of origin.   

Bruges has adopted a policy of first issuing a warning if corona restrictions and flouted and only if there is a repeat offence passing on to a fine.

The College of Europe is frequented by students eager to work for the European Union. 

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