Belgium a candidate to store EU’s strategic stock of mouth masks

Belgium has put itself forward as a candidate to store at least some of a strategic stock of mouth masks and other protective material that will be kept to ensure that the 27 EU member states have enough protective material in the event of a new pandemic. Belgium is one of five countries that have said that they want to store and manage the stock. 

The Federal Government Minister with special responsibility for masks and other protective material Phillippe De Backer (Flemish liberal) told VRT News that “We have already built up a stock for Belgium and Europe has now asked us if we can store additional material and manage the stock for other European countries.

“At the end of August we will know what material this will be, how much of it we will be required to store and which countries will be managing it”.

If the plan goes ahead the stock will be a “rolling stock”, which means that it will be renewed periodically.  

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