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Motorist killed on the hard shoulder of the E40 motorway

A 64-year-old man has died after he was run over on the hard shoulder of the E40 motorway in Flemish Brabant. The accident happened on Thursday evening at Haasrode, near Leuven. The man came from the Brussels municipality of Elsene. 

His wife and daughter were inside his vehicle when he was run over and killed. Neither of them were injured.

The man had pulled over onto the hard should because one of the tyres of his van was punctured. When he got out of the van he was hit by a lorry. For an as yet unexplained reason the Polish driver of the lorry drove his vehicle of the white line that separates the hard shoulder from the first lane of the motorway.

The lorry driver was found not to be under the influence of drink or drugs. His driving licence has been confiscated for 15 days. 

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