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“If one person is infected, this can easily become a super-spreading event!

Dancing is once again permitted at (wedding) parties, if 1.5m social distancing can be guaranteed.  If your partner is a member of your weekly social bubble of 15 individuals, then social distancing doesn’t need to be observed.

The decision was announced by the crisis centre.  The wedding industry is overjoyed, but the Group of Experts supervising the Exit Strategy (GEES) from lockdown is up in arms. President Prof Erika Vlieghe says: “I really don’t get it.  As a society we aren’t ready for this.”

Initially everybody seemed to be singing from the same hymn sheet: dancing wouldn’t be permitted and everybody had to remain seated, but now the crisis centre has published new advice with regard to dancing.

Members of the GEES, the group of experts that advises the government, are “very surprised” and insist they were not consulted on this new relaxation.

Virologist Erika Vlieghe says at the minute it’s simply not safe: “This opens the floodgates to old style wedding parties.  We clearly advised against.  Dancing, especially at a wedding, is a close contact.  You stand close, jump about and breathe more quickly.  People also start shouting to be heard above the music.  There were reasons why we imposed so many conditions on the culture sector and now this is being permitted in private!

“If one person is infected, this can easily become a super-spreading event! This is what you need to do, if you want to fire on the epidemic.”

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