Motorists with evil intent to be fined in Antwerp

Traffic chaos has been the lot of many drivers negotiating the roads of Antwerp in recent days.  The congestion is caused by road works and motorists who are blocking intersections.  The police are stepping up checks and drivers blocking intersections will be fined.

It’s been going on for a week now despite the start of the summer holidays: horrendous traffic up in Antwerp.  The congestion is partly caused by a raft of summer road works.  The Roads Agency had planned the works during the summer to avoid congestion, but it hasn’t worked.  Antwerp police will now deploy extra officers to marshal motorists at intersections.  “It won’t be possible to put an officer on every intersection” says police spokesman Migom “but extra teams will be deployed”.

“The problems are chiefly caused by drivers who unintentionally or intentionally block intersections.  Sometimes they drive onto the intersection in the full knowledge they will be unable to vacate it! They then block the intersection.  We will now carry out stricter checks, raise public awareness, but also fine motorists with evil intent!”

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