18 vehicles seized at Lithuanian truck company in West Flanders

Checks carried out at a large transport company in Geluwe (West Flanders) resulted in the seizure of eighteen lorries. Various agencies joined police in a thorough inspection of the Lithuanian company.

All vehicles present were checked.  Inspectors also examined work and pay conditions.  They were also on the look-out for any infringements of Belgian social, labour and environmental legislation.

25 workers from countries including Belarus, Ukraine and Kirgizia were questioned.

The public prosecutor charged with labour law infringements decided to impound 18 trucks.  The seizure was motivated by infringements of Belgian social and labour legislation.  On site living quarters were declared unfit for inhabitation.

Police have had an eye on the company for a while now.  It operates using vehicles registered in Lithuania, Poland and Estonia.  Irregularities were found on lorry registration equipment, speed limiters and on the technical inspection documents of vehicles.  The company was ordered to pay 40,000 euros on the spot.

Local residents too had complained about the company pointing to the disturbances caused by drivers in the neighbourhood and on a motorway car park at the weekend.

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