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Man dies in flat fire in Middelkerke

A 71-year-old man has died in a fire at a flat in the West-Flemish coastal municipality of Middelkerke. The fire caused extensive damage. The resident of the other flats in the building were able to be evacuated. 

The fire broke out at around 6:30 on Monday morning. When the Fire Service arrived flames were already coming out of a first floor window of the flat on the Roger de Grimbergenstraat. Although fire fighters soon had the fire under control they were unable to save a 71 year-old-man that they found dead in his chair.

The Mayor of Middelkerke Jean-Marie Dedecker (List Dedecker) told VRT News "We don’t know very much. It happened on the first floor of a block of flats. The victim is a 71-year-old man. His charred body was found on a chair. We still don’t know what caused the fire”.

Eight other residents of the building were evacuated.


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