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Medieval wall collapses at Leuven’s Keizersberg Abbey

A section of the historic wall at Keizersberg Abbey in the Flemish Brabant city of Leuven has collapsed. A team from Leuven City Council are at the scene to assess how much damage has been done to the wall that dates back to the middle Ages. They will also clear the rubble. The collapse follows an incident on Friday in which a section of the wall that had been rebuilt in the 19th century collapse. 

Subsidence is believed to be the cause although an investigation by experts will shed further light on this.

Ludo, a council worker involved in Monday’s damage assessment exercise, told VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant that “Part of the wall collapsed here, probably through old age. We are now going to clear the footpath. Later someone will come along and see it the wall is stable enough to allow people to pass by in safety”.

Although the pile of rubble left in the wake of the wall collapse is impressive Ludo told VRT Radio 2 that “Even though this is the first time, you know that something like this can happen. You don’t know how strong the walls are and stability checks aren’t carried out on them every day. Pending approval renovation work should be able to start next year. But first we need to clear the rubble”. 

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