Risk Management Group advises those returning from regions that are in lockdown to self-quarantine

The team of experts that are members of the Risk Management Group (RMG) is advising Belgians that return from areas of countries abroad that are current in lockdown again, such as parts of Catalonia in north-eastern Spain, to self-quarantine and contact their GP on their return. The RMG advises those planning to travel to areas such as the area around Lerida in Catalonia or Lugo in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, not to go.  

As there is no legal framework to make those returning to Belgium from areas that are in lockdown all the RMG can do is advice people to self-isolate. The leasing civil servant at the Flemish Welfare Department Karine Moykens told VRT News “If a European country puts a certain area under lockdown we advise people not to travel there and if they are there already to self-quarantine an nd contact their GP upon their return”.  

The GP can decide whether a coronavirus test is necessary. The Flemish authorities are advising that testing be carried out as widely as possible. Tests will be carried out on everyone that as returned from an area under lockdown and has had contact with someone there that has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

However, this is all just advice and none of it is legally-binding. Mandatory quarantine only applies to those have tested positive for the virus. Nevertheless, Ms Moykens doesn’t believe that this is an issue.

“I presume that everyone will act responsibly. There was also no legal framework for people washing their hands or social distancing, but the population has adhered to it well”.



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