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COVID-19: the positive trend continues

For the first time since Saturday the public health science institute Sciensano has issued a full complement of figures relating to the novel coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. The figures give averages for the past 7 days and compare them with the previous 7-day period. The latest figures show a continuation of the downward trend. 

·        During the past 7 days there were an average of 82 new infections each day. This is down 5% on the average number of people that tested positive for the novel coronavirus during the previous 7-day period. Up until now 62,058 people in Belgium have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

·        During the past 7 days 11 people/day were admitted to hospital with COVID-19. This is 24% down on the previous week.

·        There were an average of 5 deaths/day. This is 16% down on the figures for the previous 7-day period. This brings the total number of COVID-19 deaths in Belgium to 9,774.

·        On Monday there were 169 COVID-19 patients in Belgian hospitals of these 27 were being cared for on intensive care wards. A week ago there were 244 patients in hospital of whom 41 on intensive care wards.


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