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Extra staff, extra pay and better conditions for our caring professionals

The Federal Government has announced a package to improve pay and conditions for those working in the caring professions. As part of the package the majority of caring professionals will see their salaries rise by 6%. There will also be improvements to their working conditions such as more stable shift patterns and the right to three consecutive week’s holiday if this is desired. 

500 million euro of the cash will go to ensuring that caring professionals that are paid via the federal authorities such as nurses and home helps will be given a 6% pay rise. In addition to this they have been promised that in time they will be given a full 13th month as a bonus at the end of the year. However, no further details on this were given.

In future when setting salary levels greater consideration will be given to the work done rather that to the qualifications of the individual doing the work.

In addition to this 100 million euro is being invested in improvements to working conditions. How the money is spent is still the subject of negotiations.

The investment comes on top of the so-call “Caring Staff Fund” with which the Federal Parliament voted to give 400 million euro to recruit more nurses and other carers.  

The new “staffing norm” means that an extra 4,000 people will be taken on. Investment will also be made in training.

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