David rozing

Fewer new businesses starting up during the first half of the year

During the first half of the year 12.9% fewer Belgians started their own business than was the case last during the same period last. The fall in the number of new businesses was less produced in Flanders (-8.2%) than was the case in the Brussels-Capital Region (19.9%) or Wallonia (17.31%). 

However, during June the number of new businesses starting up in Flanders was 1.31% up on June 2019. The figures come from self-employed federation Unizo, the HR services group Liantis and the commercial information databank Graydon.

Unizo’s Danny Van Assche told VRT News that “It was taken as read that the number that the number of starters would fall as a result of the coronacrisis. But given the magnitude and impact of the corona crisis during which entire sectors of the economy ground to a halt for months and certain sectors haven’t yet been able to start up again, the figures for new business are relatively ok”.

During the first half of 2020 45,952 new businesses started up. Of these 29,412 were in Flanders, 6,288 were in Brussels and 10,106 in Wallonia.  

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