Harris hawk escapes during filming in Ghent suburb

A Harris hawk is a bird we wouldn’t usually see in our garden or at our local park. However, this was the case for a number of people in and around Ghent (East Flanders) over the weekend. The Harris hawk is a large bird of prey and is around half a metre tall. One such bird known to its handler as Minnie escaped from captivity last week during filming by a production company at Sint-Amandsberg, a suburb on the edge of Ghent. 

Minnie escaped last Monday and Peter Bruylants of the production company Academy of Film & Arts told VRT Radio 2 East Flanders that she is badly missed. “We are very attached to her. We hope that she will come back soon”.

“She is let out for a fly every day above our courtyard. She normally always returns, but after rand hour she still wasn’t back. It was then that we realised that she wasn’t coming back and we started a search and posted an appeal on Facebook. 

Numerous sightings

Meanwhile, there have been numerous sighting of Minnie, all of which within just a few kilometres from where she disappeared. She is currently moulting and this makes her irritable. Mr Bruylants says that this could explain why she has flown away.

He added that Minnie is not dangerous and she won’t attack people. If you spot her in your garden or elsewhere please contact 0498/206120.

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