Jogging to learn Dutch back up and running!

In Mechelen (Antwerp Province) a project to bring Dutch-speakers and newcomers eager to learn Dutch together is back in business.  Newcomers eager to become more fluent in Dutch or even take the first learning steps can team up with Flemish volunteers and go jogging together.

The project ‘Samen Lopen’ (Running Together) is now being staged for a third summer. In previous years newcomers and volunteers formed one large group to go running in the Vrijbroek Park once a week.  Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis forming a large group wasn’t on the cards, but now there is a smaller scale alternative.

The project has also established a Facebook group as much of the Dutch-language coaching has moved online.  Videos with Dutch subtitles are posted and Flemish volunteers can also post to the entire group.  “In this way newcomers can still learn Dutch” says the project’s Kristof Budts.

“Last year 200 people took part in the project.  This has now dropped to 80.  Forming social bubbles wasn’t really an option as there are so many levels, but we’re encouraging people to go jogging in smaller groups.”

Everybody can join the closed group ‘Samen Lopen Stad Mechelen’ on Facebook.  New videos with exercises and running tips are posted every Tuesday.  There is also information on how to stay healthy and about activities to beef up your Dutch skills.

Kristof Budts: “We’re starting today, but you can join anytime.  The project runs until the end of September.”   

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