Ruiterskuilen in Opglabbeek
Fotografie Kris Thijs

Tips for Trips in Limburg Province

In our series taking you to tourist destinations where you won’t see the crowds this summer, today we are in Limburg Province.  Limburg is a paradise for cyclists and ‘Cycling Through Water’ remains one of the highlights but there is much more.

‘Cycling Through Water’ is a marvellous experience that can be enjoyed by ramblers and cyclists alike in Bokrijk, a park outside Genk.  The attraction opened in 2016 and allows you to walk or cycle through a lake for 200 metres.  It’s pure magic, but then so is much of Limburg Province.

Limburg’s cycling network takes you to many more attractions that are often quite off the beaten track.  There is Ruiterskuilen in Opglabbeek.  Here, in the National Park of the Upper Kempen District, a wooden platform sways on the waters of this marshy landscape. The Ruiterskuilen are situated to the west of a range of inland sand-dunes of which the Oudsberg is the highest in the whole of Belgium.

Another hot tip is the Negenoord-Kerkeweerd nature reserve in Dilsen-Stokkem.  2,500 hectares of natural beauty are open to ramblers.  If you wish to stray beyond the paths, you can follow in the tracks of Galloway cows or Konik horses. This is an animals’ paradise! Beavers are stewards of the landscape and manage it in a completely natural way.  Butterflies and bees populate the fields of flowers.

Here several routes have been designated for ramblers.  There is a watch tower as well as boats that allow you to glide through the waters of the Old Maas River, a distributary of the River Rhine and former distributary of the River Maas (Meuse), without making a sound. Click here for more leisure activities in Limburg Province.

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