Five arrested as Dutch holidaymakers bring agro to Knokke-Heist

Police in the seaside resort of Knokke-Heist were obliged to call in the assistance of colleagues from neighbouring towns and federal police in order to clear the bar street last night.  Belgian pubs must close at 1AM due to the corona crisis and in recent days there has been a spate of incidents, mainly involving Dutch holidaymakers visiting Belgium’s version of Marbella.

Due to the corona crisis nightlife in the jet set resort is more limited this year with people all gathering in the same place.

Revellers have been refusing to disperse after 1AM with police officers are routinely the target of abuse.

“We’re looking into what action we can take. It can’t be allowed to continue like this all summer” says Steve Desmet of the local police service.

Five people, who were seen as instigators and were inciting the crowd, were arrested on Tuesday night.

Sean Veillefon runs a restaurant in the area: “These guys are very young, 15, 16.  I’m only 22 but I have more respect for the police.  They were hitting the police and insulting them”.

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