New coronavirus cases no longer falling

The latest COVID-19 figures from the Belgian science and health institute Sciensano show that during the last seven-day observation period 85 people a day on average came down with coronavirus. 

The figure mirrors that of the seven previous days.  Incidence of coronavirus is no longer falling, though if you look at the figures over a three week period a downward trend is still noticeable.

In the past seven-day observation period Belgium did record a small decrease in the number of hospital admissions and deaths linked to coronavirus.  On average ten people a day were hospitalised compared to 15 the previous week.  Daily deaths have fallen to four in the latest rolling average compared to six in the previous period.  

So far 62,123 people have tested positive for coronavirus across Belgium.

Sciensano’s Steven Van Gucht confirms that most new infections involve young people: children and people in their twenties.  

“There’s been a big fall in the number of cases among the elderly.  We see this development in hospital admissions and deaths that are still falling.”

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