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Code Red for Lisbon, Lleida and A Mariña

The Belgian foreign ministry has announced the areas abroad that are being colour-coded red.  This means that travellers returning from these areas will have to self-isolate at home on their return and take at least one corona test.

Belgium is introducing a traffic light system for travellers returning from abroad.  Travel to red coded areas is not permitted.  There is strong advice against travel to amber coded areas, where the threat is significant and you may face corona restrictions.  On return from amber-coded areas self-isolation at home and a corona test are highly recommended.  No amber areas have yet been identified. For green areas there are no restrictions.

A decision on which areas would get which code was awaited.  Three areas have now been identified as red: the Portuguese capital Lisbon, A Mariña in Galicia (northern Spain) and Lleida (sometimes Lerida) in Catalonia. Failure to self-isolate on your return could land you in gaol for up to six months with a fine of up to 4,000 euros.

For the Belgian foreign ministry’s latest advise click here.

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