Mounting opposition to McDonald’s in Tervuren

Plans to open a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant in leafy Tervuren, outside Brussels, are meeting stiff opposition from local residents.  So far, 1,200 people have signed an online petition.

The new outlet is planned on the Leuvensesteenweg.  Local residents are worried it will lead to congestion and point to the presence of four schools in the vicinity including the British School of Brussels that has over 1,000 pupils. Tervuren is indeed the home of one of Belgium’s largest British communities.

Maurits Wesseling is the chair of the parents’ association: “McDonald’s doesn’t offer the healthiest of foods. But we’re most worried about traffic safety and how busy it will get.  The Leuvensesteenweg is already a very busy traffic artery. Increasing the pressure with a fast-food joint will create an enormous problem. Many kids cross this road and they are vulnerable road users”.

The people behind the petition are also concerned about extra waste that will end up in the environment and fear the tranquillity of Tervuren Park will be lost.

Nobody wants litter bugs in Tervuren Park
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