RV/Zoo Planckendael/Tom Cornille

Baby rhinoceros born at Planckendael

The Planckendael Animal Park, near Mechelen in Antwerp Province has welcomed a new arrival. The rhino calf and its mother Karamat are both reported to be doing well. Soon the many visitors to Planckendael will be able to take a look at Karamat and her new baby in the animal parks outside rhinoceros enclosure.

After a gestation period of some 16 months the birth was quick (around 5 minutes) and trouble-free. The rhino keepers at Planckendael were able to follow Karamat giving birth via at CCTV link. The new-born rhino calf is a female. She weighed in at 60kg.

The rhinoceros calf doesn’t yet have a horn. This is perfectly normal for a young rhino, zoo keeper Jolien told the press agency Belga.

A rhinoceros horn grows about 7cm per annum. The horn of an adult rhinoceros grows to around 60cm.

As yet the rhino calf doesn’t have a name. What is certain is that like all the other animals born at Planckendael this year her name will begin with the letter “V”.

The baby rhino is the second to be born to the Planckendael rhinoceros couple Karamat and Gujurat. Their first calf Qabid is currently at Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. 

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