Judicial authorities issue warning about text message fraudsters

The Halle-Vilvoorde Judicial Authorities warn that there is an increase in the number of cases of people falling foul of text message phishing. Fraudsters send out text messages in an attempt to get their victims to disclose bank details such as their pin number. This information is then used to transfer large sums of money from their victims’ bank accounts. 

Gilles Blondeau of the Halle-Vilvoorde Judicial Authorities told VRT News that "Recently there have been quite a number of cases of people becoming victims of so-called “text message phishing”.

"These are people that fraudsters purporting to be from their bank contact via text message. They ask them to log onto a false website and once they have done so to provide the pin codes of their bank cards. Using this method criminals are able to make large sums of money disappear from their victim’s bank account. This can vary from a few hundred euro to thousands of euro”.

Mr Blondeau added that so far there are few clues as to the identity of the fraudsters. The ongoing investigation has discovered that customers from various banks have been contacted by the fraudsters.

He went on to ay that it is very difficult to trace these kinds of fraudsters as they mostly operate from abroad. "Consequently we would like to warn everyone about these practises and make it clear that there is no bank that contacts its customers via a text message and certainly not in order to get them to provide their bank code or other such information”, the Judicial Authorities’ spokesman said. 

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