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More revellers detained in Knokke on Thursday night

Police in the upmarket West Flemish coastal resort of Knokke detained five people on Thursday night. Three of those detained were Dutch nationals under the age of 18. Thursday’s issues with revellers follow an incident on Tuesday night involving around 100 young people.

Then the Damme/Knokke-Heist Local Police Service was obliged to call in reinforcements from neighbouring police services. Both on Tuesday and on Thursday nights the incidents occurred shortly after bars and cafés closed at 1am. One of the conditions to bars, cafés and restaurants being allowed to re-open is the enforcement of a mandatory closing time of 1am.

After closing time many younger people have been congregating on the Alfred Verweeplein. This has led to issues with noise nuisance and other forms of disorder.

Now the Chief Commissioner of the Damme/Knokke-Heist Local Police Service Steve Desmet suggests that allowing bars and cafés to open later might resolve the issues that there have been in Knokke this week. Mr Desmet believes that a closing time of 1am is too early for young people that are on a night out. He suggest that a closing time of 3am might e more suitable

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