Supermarket cashier and cleaning lady among 'common people' honoured by Flemish government

For the occasion of the Flemish holiday of 11 July, the Flemish government has bestowed its annual badges of honour on this year's heroes. On this occasion, the ceremony at the Flemish PM's residence "Herrerahuis" in Brussels included two unknown 'common people'. 

The Flemish premier Jan Jambon explained that the cashier and the cleaning lady were among a big group of people that kept society going in hard times, at the peak of the corona crisis. "We couldn't honour everyone, but this is a symbolic gesture to underline the merits of a bigger group," explained Jambon. 

The two 'common people' were Martine Vaneyck from the Sint-Trudo Hospital in Sint-Truiden (which was hit hard by Covid-19) and Ann Maes, who works at a supermarket in Kuurne/Waregem. 

The other three people were choreographer, writer and dancer Ish Ait Hamou, behaviour therapist Ingrid De Jonghe (who set up the volunteer organisation TeJo to help youngsters in trouble) and the organisation Vlaanderen Feest, for its efforts to stimulate 'being a Fleming' in today's open world. 

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