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#Bigjump2020: "Big Jump" for clean water has a virtual edition this year

Due to corona restrictions, a mass event was not on the cards this year, but today's annual "Big Jump" - to ask more attention for clean (swimming) water - will be held online today via #Bigjump2020 as everyone making a jump is being asked to make a video and post it online. 

"The event is meant as a signal for a better water quality", explains GoodPlanet Belgium that coordinates the event. And it is more meaningful than ever: "The desire to discover local nature, like green river banks, natural swimming pools or the possibility to go canoeing has grown massively during times of corona, but the ecological situation of our rivers remains a point of concern." 

GoodPlanet will bring the videos together to one big video on Facebook. They ask people to avoid filling a children's pool just for the event, in times of drought. 

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