Hospitality sector only recovering slowly: "Summer will be crucial"

The aftermath of the corona crisis still has a substantial impact on restaurants, pubs and hotels, a new survey by HR providers SD Worx shows. The sector was allowed to reopen on 8 June, but one month later only 48 percent of staff is back at work compared to pre-corona times. 

SD Worx looked into data about 20,000 employees and 2,200 employers in the hospitality sector. It turns out that restaurants, cafés en hotels are only at 48 percent of their normal capacity. This is for a large part due to the catering sector (big companies and events), but restaurants and pubs considered separately are still only at 55 percent of their normal capacity. 

Steven Rosseel of SD Worx says that "on the one hand, fewer customers can be allowed in restaurants, but at the same time some hotels, pubs or restaurants just haven't re-opened yet. The jobs there are lost."

SD Worx estimates that the summer months will be crucial: "A strong recovery is needed for July and August, otherwise many businesses will have to close for good in autumn." It is hoped that foreign tourists can find their way back to Belgium. "Figures are improving, but they are still not looking bright."

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