Food banks see sharp rise in the number of visitors due to corona

The number of people visiting food banks climbed to 195,000 last month. This number is 15 percent up on June last year, "De Zondag" reports, and there are fears that it may go up even further in autumn. 

The corona crisis is pushing an increasing number of people towards poverty. "Last year we had 170,000 people seeking help to get some decent food, but this June the number was 20,000 up", explains Jef Mottar of the Belgian Federation of Food Banks. The newcomers include a lot of people who (temporarily) lost their job, both men, women, youngsters and older people. They can normally cope, but are seeking help because of the crisis. 

The food banks mainly get their cash from private gifts, but warn that the increased demand means that their budget should also go up.  

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