Slight rise (again) in the number of corona infections: "The virus is still around the corner"

The past week saw an average of 88 new Covid infections per day in Belgium. This is 2 percent up on the week, and it is the fourth consecutive day now that the number is going up. Virologists will try to find out what the problem is. 

The figures apply to the period from 2 until 8 July, the scientific institute Sciensano reports, and it is 2.3 percent up on the week, when we had 86 infections per day on average. "The rise can mostly be seen in Antwerp province and Brussels." 

Virologist Pierre Van Damme (UAntwerpen) warns that the battle is not over yet: "It is the fourth day now that the number of new infections is not dropping, or even going up slightly. This shows that the virus is still among us and that it is trying to infect more people. It's behind every corner." 

The new patients are mostly people in their twenties and fifties. Pierre Van Damme says that data on the new patients will be used to find out what they have in common."We must try to find out via contact tracing what they have in common. Can it be linked to nightlife, to big gatherings, or an outbreak in a company?"

"We know that there are a number of cases in Antwerp, in the Jewish community there, after people returned from a wedding party in Israel, where the virus is gaining ground again. We will monitor the situation from close by."

We must try to find out what the new patients have in common

Virologist Erika Vlieghe, the president of the GEES group of experts that give advice to the government, says she is worried about the number of new infections. "Every increase is one too many. In fact, we should have a drop. We can't let this moment pass, and need to find out about the cause."

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