How are Flemings responding to the latest travel advice?

The Belgian foreign ministry has banned travel to Sweden and has advised against travel to many parts of Europe.  Some Flemings contacted by VRT News say they will return home immediately, while others are more relaxed and will simply get tested on their return.

The Cornelis Family from Bruges are holidaying in Öland in Sweden. “The choice in favour of Sweden was a very conscious one.  It’s a COVID-safe destination.  You can camp where you wish.  We listened to the virologists: ‘It’s not that important where you head, but the way you travel’ they said”.

Belgium put Sweden on the red list yesterday and returning travellers must now get tested and self-isolate for 14 days.

“We’ve decided to come back straight away” say the Cornelises.  Hopefully, we can manage it via Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.”

“We will start to self-isolate as soon as possible.  The kids are going scouting and we are supposed to go along and cook for the group.  We want those two weeks behind us ASAP.”

Stephan van Ingen has just returned from Sweden, where he went canoeing with his daughter.  They returned Saturday night and Sweden was colour-coded red on Sunday.

“I don’t know what is expected of me.  I’ve called the COVID-helpline and several GPs.  I’m waiting for clarity.  I’m not too worried.  We met few people and took our precautions.”

Veronique Claus regularly stays in Portugal for a couple of months.  She was coming back to Belgium, but has now decided to stay a little longer:

“I feel safe here.  Everybody sticks to the rules.  Abroad Portugal gets a different colour in every country.  It’s so frustrating!”

Vincent Ponet has just arrived in Trento In Italy.  The region is now amber-coded by the Belgian foreign ministry that means it’s advising against travel to the area.

Vincent says he’ll be even more careful now: “People are all wearing masks.  We’re not coming back early, but we will get tested when we get home.”

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