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Travel to Sweden banned, advice against trips to large parts of the UK and Spain

Belgium has updated its list of countries to which travel is banned.  Return from these red-coded countries and you will need to self-isolate at home and undergo at least one corona test.  Several countries have now been colour-coded amber.  This means that non-essential travel to these countries or areas is strongly discouraged and that people returning from these countries are strongly advised to self-isolate and take a corona test.

Belgium only introduced its traffic-light system for foreign travel last week.  Belgium has now banned travel to Sweden.  The country has been colour-coded red. Travellers returning from Sweden must self-isolate and take a corona test. This also applies to the city of Leicester in England as well as areas of Spain: Segrià District in Lleida Province, Catalonia and A Mariña in Lugo Province, Galicia.

A detailed list of areas in Portugal that are coded red is now also available: Lisbon (Santa-Clara), Amadora, Odivelas, Sintra (Queluz-Belas / Massamá - Monte Abraão / Agualva-Mira Sintra / Algueirão-Mem Martins / Rio de Mouro / Cacém-São Marcos), Loures (Camarate, Unhos, and Apelação/Sacavém-Pior Velho).

Areas of a whole host of countries have now been added to the amber-coloured list: travel to these areas is not recommended.  Returning travellers are strongly advised to self-isolate and take a corona test.

The list includes: Luxembourg, the English Midlands, the North East of England, Yorkshire (UK), North Wales and Northern Ireland, the whole of Croatia,  Romania and Bulgaria, in Spain: Aragon and Catalonia, in Portugal: the Algarve and the Alentejo, in Austria: Upper Austria, Trento in Italy, Ticino in Switzerland, Śląskie in Poland, Moravskoslezský in the Czech Republic.

Travel through Luxembourg on route to another destination is permitted and you won’t need to self-isolate if you return.  Many Belgians and other residents travel through the Grand-Duchy en route for other destinations.  They need not worry about self-isolation on return if they are just travelling through.  People making a day trip to Luxembourg or staying there for several days are advised to be extra vigilant.

The foreign ministry’s Arnaud Gaspard explains why travel to Sweden has been banned: “The decision was taken on the basis of a recommendation from the evaluation unit of the federal crisis centre.  It is based on epidemiological figures with regard to the number of corona cases per 100,000 head of population.  On the basis of this information the experts decided it was timely to add Sweden to the red list.”

Norway is still not granting access to Belgians.  Other countries are coded green and non-essential travel is permitted, though individual countries may also impose their own restrictions.

Note as of Wednesday 15 July Sweden is amber-coded by the Belgian foreign ministry: travel is once again permitted.  Self-isolation and a corona test are advised on return. Norway and Malta are once again admitting travellers from Belgium. For the latest advice go to the Belgian foreign ministry website that is updated daily at 16:00 CEST.

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