Jonas Roosens

43% of actives still working from home

Antwerp University’s corona research reveals that 43% of people are still working from home as a result of the corona crisis.  The figure is down from the 69% of the active population that worked from home during the first week of the lockdown.

The survey that has been carried out several times since mid-March shows that more and more people are heading for their workplace, though numbers depend vary per sector.  The “new normal” is now in practice at most places of work.  Over 75% of those who filled in the questionnaire said they always or nearly always keep a safe distance and wash or sanitise their hands.  One in three workers usually wears a face covering at work. 

Researcher Philippe Beutels says there is always room for improvement.  “A greater chance of rain and lower temperatures in the fall and winter mean that we will still have to make changes to the ‘new normal’”.

27,000 people filled in Antwerp University’s online survey at the end of June.

Fill in the latest questionnaire from Antwerp University here!

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