Love-struck Joost proposes to Anneke in big letters

Expat Joost Roothans is a man with a plan.  He wants to marry his Anneke, but was looking for a novel way of proposing.  He came up with the solution last spring when he was sowing his field of maize near the Limburg town of Achel.  He simply didn’t sow any seed in places to make the outline of letters in the landscape.


His efforts met with success.  An aerial photograph of the result of his endeavours went viral this week. The letters in the field read: “Anneke, will you marry me?” Many people first thought the letters had been mowed into the field of corn, but Joost created the effect by not sowing seed where this was needed to make the outline of letters in the landscape.  He wasn’t certain it would succeed, but when the first green shoots appeared he was certain he was on to a winner.  The space for the letters remained blank.

Joost first designed the message on his computer and then used GPS technology as he sowed his crop. To make sure his message was clearly visible he even used a drone to check before taking to the skies in a plane together with his beloved.  “Suddenly she saw the words in the field below.  We flew back over again so she could have a good look.  She had no idea this was coming” he told VRT.

Back on the ground Joost, who is a Dutch national, presented his bride-to-be with an engagement ring.  Fortunately Anneke said “Yes”.

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