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Ostend’s taking bookings for places on the beach next weekend

Coronavirus or not many people have their sights firmly set on their holidays.  Next Tuesday is the national holiday and with glorious weather forecast many people will be keen to head for the coast for a long and relaxing weekend.  If our premier seaside resort of Ostend is your destination and beach fun is your goal, don’t forget to reserve your place on the beach in the sun, if you do not wish to be disappointed.

It’s the first time this summer that Ostend is implementing its beach registration system and that’s because of the large numbers of beach lovers expected. The system is intended to allow people to keep sufficient distance to beat coronavirus!  From Saturday 18 July until Wednesday 22 July it is advisable to book a place on the beach if you plan to head for any of the city’s three most popular beaches: Little Beach (Klein Strand), Growth Beach (Groeistrand) or Great Beach (Groot Strand). These are the beaches nearest to the city centre, between the pier and the start of the Venetian Galleries.

You can book your place on the beach via the City of Ostend website for free or head for the local tourism office or call toll-free 0800 62 167.

“You will receive a QR code that will give you access to the city’s three busiest beaches” says Peter Craeymeersch, head of Ostend Tourism. “Booking your spot is not compulsory, but is highly recommended.  Otherwise you risk not having spot at all.  Ostend has many beaches and you won’t need to book for the ones that are less busy.”

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