Pub hides punters in the loft

A pub in the Limburg capital of Hasselt is the centre of fresh controversy after police discovered all its customers hiding in the loft well after the 1AM closing time imposed to stem the spread of coronavirus.

The pub has a poor reputation, but when police officers patrolling the city passed by they couldn’t believe their eyes.  At 2AM in the morning they saw singing punters in the establishment.

The officers decided to investigate, but when the police entered the premises all the customers had disappeared as if by magic.  The landlord thought he could run rings around the local police and had hidden all his clients in his loft.  Hasselt police are not the type to allow wool to be pulled over their eyes and they soon discovered the punters.  The police drew up reports against the landlord and all 13 customers hiding in the loft.

The establishment has been the subject of noise complaints in the past.  A meeting with the mayor is planned.  He will then be able to decide what further action, if any, will be taken.

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