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Brussels Airport gets new artwork for the national holiday

Celebrations to mark the national holiday on 21 July have been scaled down, but the royal palace has commissioned several new works of art including one by Rinus Van de Velde, who has created an enormous new canvas for the central concourse at Brussels Airport.

Filip, King of Belgians, asked the Brussels art centre Bozar to develop the project ‘Art Reconnects Belgium’.  Four new works of art will be displayed in public spaces.

Rinus Van de Velde (See video) created a drawing in charcoal.  This monumental work measuring 3 metres by 4 shows a woman on horseback and represents man’s inner journey.

Graffiti artist Dema One is at work of the east front of the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels where he’s getting the assistance of a dozen youngsters.  In Antwerp Zenith (actor Matthias Schoenaerts) is painting a blind wall at a building belonging to Antwerp Province, while in Charleroi graffiti artist elnino76 is at work on the Finance Tower.

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