Petrol bombing and shooting in Mechelen

A parked car was the target of a petrol bomb attack in Mechelen (Antwerp Province) last night.  Police are now trying to track down the culprits. Earlier in the week a house came under fire the city.

The bomb attack happened at 2AM in the morning.  The target was a car parked on a drive outside a house in the Sint-Lambertuslaan. Fortunately, the device only inflicted limited damage.

The police believe amateurs are at work.  The petrol bomb was made using a plastic bottle.

Police and prosecutors are confident the culprits can be identified using CCTV footage.

The incident follows a shooting on Tuesday night when a house came under repeated fire in the Vennekant District of Mechelen.  The district is located on the other side of the city.  Still, prosecutors and police are keen to rule out any connection.   

Photos below: Tuesday night's crime scene.

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