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Police protection for virologist Van Ranst

Prof Marc Van Ranst, one of the leading figures of the group of experts advising the governments on the relaxations of corona measures and a public figure, has told YouTube viewers that for three weeks now he has been enjoying police protection.

In an interview with Techmag on YouTube Prof Van Ranst explains that the police became aware of ‘tangible plans’ to target him.  In the past Marc Van Ranst has often urged caution when it came to a relaxation of corona measures.  The police protection was initiated after they became aware of this tangible threat on 28 June.

It was Belgium’s crisis centre that asked the police to provide protection for the virologist and his entire family.  After the police consulted the virologist it was decided that his home would be the subject of regular police patrols.

Prof Van Ranst of Leuven University suspects that the threat originates from far right circles: “I’ve been keeping an eye on the far right for three decades now and I won’t be intimidated.”

An investigation will now have to establish whether the threat to the virologist is linked to far right circles.  

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