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Brabant killers: new search in Pécrot, but no human remains found

Detectives have been looking for a body in woodlands near Pécrot (Walloon Brabant) in connection with the Brabant killers, but the search proved fruitless. 

Investigators were looking for the remains of a person that could be linked to the Nivelles Gang (Bende van Nijvel) or Brabant killers. The search was held yesterday and today, but was stopped around noon as it proved fruitless. 

The investigation is still going on, many years after the Brabant killers struck several times in the 80ies. 28 people were killed in a series of violent robberies in a number of places, including the former Delhaize store in Aalst. The examining judge in the case ordered new actions recently, but so far no breakthrough could be reached.    

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