City of Antwerp taking new measures as epidemic is gaining ground again

Antwerp is the first major city to announce fresh measures to contain coronavirus as a second wave of infections is looming: testing centres for possible corona patients are to reopen and police will check whether people are taking the measures seriously in restaurants and cafés. 

The extra testing centres should encourage people to have themselves tested if they flu-like symptoms. The so-called "triageposten" can receive possible patients before they go to hospital.  They were closed as the epidemic was easing, but will reopen next Monday. "This is to keep the pressure on health care systems as low as possible", Antwerp Mayor Bart De Wever explained. 

At the same time, police will stage special checks in the hospitality industry this weekend, to see whether people are respecting social distancing measures etc.

Bart De Wever calls on everyone to make a special effort to follow guidelines strictly. He also asked the federal and Flemish government for guidelines to be able to install more measures on a local scale, in order to avoid a major lockdown. 

Radio 2

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