The Atomium is the place to be if you want to enjoy a complete overview of the 1958 World Exhbition in Brussels.

Unique scale model of Expo 58 on display in the Atomium

The only small representation ever made of the complete site of the World Exhibition in 1958, in Brussels, will be on display in the Atomium as from 21 July. 

The man who manufactured the maquette, Etienne Tollenaere, agreed to lend this unique piece to the Atomium, as a support after (or during) times of corona. Etienne Tollenaere was 12 years of age when people from all over the world flocked to Brussels to see the World Exhibition, which also captured his attention. He allegedly visited the site with his little sister "as many as 40 times".

Tollenaere always had a passion for modernism and draw design. When he retired, he decided to rebuild the Expo in a much smaller version, respecting the smallest details. He eventually spent more than 1,700 hours on the work. Nothing is missing, the pavillions all have the right colours and even the number of trees is exactly as it was 62 years ago.

The work will be on display from 10 AM to 6PM each day as from 21 July.   

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